Big K

0-0-25 +172 Potassium & Potash.

Big K is a liquid plant food designed for soil and foliar applications. It is compatible with most fertilizer solutions and pesticides.

Bollstar I

10% Boron

Bollstar I is a Boron supplement.


Calcium + Boron

Cal-B is a ethylene regulating spray that helps strengthen a plant's ability to withstand certain stresses of a growing environment.

Calcium 8%

Water soluble calcium nutrient

Calcium 8% is a supplement designed for foliar application.

Copper 5% Lignin

Copper Supplement

Copper 5% Lignin is a intended for use as a soil application for all crops that require copper.

Manganese 5% Lignin

Manganese Supplement

Manganese 5% Lignin is a micro nutrient for use in most liquid fertilizers and suspensions for crops that require manganese.

Zinc 10% Citrate

Zinc 10% Citrate is a micronutrient designed to aid crops with a zinc deficiency.

Copper 7.5% EDTA

Liquid Micro Nutrient and Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid chelating agent 

When used along with a sound fertility program, this Copper 7.5% EDTA assures that the nutritional demands of the plant are satisfied during the critical first 30 days of growth in the cool, wet soils of early spring.

Manganese EDTA 6%

6% Manganese EDTA

A 6% Manganese EDTA micronutrient to supplement manganese deficiency in crops.

Zinc 9% EDTA

Zinc 9% EDTA is a foliar applied nutrient for use in situations where it is difficult to Zinc into the soil without damaging crop root systems.

Mega Green 15-0-0-3Ca

Mega Green Foliar Fertilizer

Mega Green is a nitrogen and calcium based foliar fertilizer for spray dispersal on crops.

Quick Start 2-10-0 - Nitrogen Phosphate

A nitrogen and phosphorous based foliar fertilizer.

For use on all crops.