The advantages of using ChemStar products are clear.

Reliable Products - ChemStar prides themselves on having developed tried and tested formulas that perform reliably, and predictably to increase yields and overall crop health.

Formula Perfection - ChemStar is constantly improving and refining formulas to better suit farmers all over the world.

Cost Effectiveness - Purchasing from ChemStar means no extra middlemen, and reduced distribution costs save you money.

100 bushel soybeans

ChemStar has been producing 100 bushel soybeans for years, by using a simple combination of  products. They use several foliar products to stimulate the plant to maintain more soybeans on each plant (instead of aborting). They typically focus on a proprietary combination of Potash, Manganese, and Boron.

300 bushel corn

ChemStar can also help you make 300 bushel corn, through a combination of Zinc, Boron, and Potash. In addition the possible combination of fungicides and insecticides both ease the usage, and decrease the application costs of those products . Their premier products for 300 bushel corn are:

5 Bale Cotton (2500 lb)

Chem Star suggests starting with an Infurow such as Quick Start 2-10-0 or an early foliar application. At the pinhead square stage, start with Mega Green (1 qt), with 2 qt at bloom, and 3 qt at early boll stage, with stages 10-12 days apart. A sampling of products that may suit your needs includes: