Crop Oils

Nova C-O

Nova C-O Crop Oil

Nova C-O is designed for use with a broad range of pesticides including herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and/or fertilizers and micronutrients. It increases contact activity of a spray, aids in penetration of plant canopies, and provides uniform coverage of leaf surfaces.

Soy Meth Oil

Methylated Seed Oil is a uniquely formulated spray adjuvant developed to enhance the consistency or performance of certain post-emergence herbicides.


EDTA Micronutrients

Copper 7.5% EDTA

Liquid Micro Nutrient and Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid chelating agent 

When used along with a sound fertility program, this Copper 7.5% EDTA assures that the nutritional demands of the plant are satisfied during the critical first 30 days of growth in the cool, wet soils of early spring.

Manganese EDTA 6%

6% Manganese EDTA

A 6% Manganese EDTA micronutrient to supplement manganese deficiency in crops.

Zinc 9% EDTA

Zinc 9% EDTA is a foliar applied nutrient for use in situations where it is difficult to Zinc into the soil without damaging crop root systems.


Foam & Drift Control

Lay Down

Drift Suppressant

As an adjucant that possesses excellent sticking characteristics, Lay Down creates a more uniform droplet size, reduces evaporation, misting, drift, and crop burn.

Foam Free

Agricultural Foam Control

Foam Free is an effective high grade silicone anti-foaming agent, found to be very effective in reducing or eliminating foam in most agricultural spray equipment.

Foam Master

Foaming Agent

Foam Master is an adjuvant for use in agricultural spray mixtures, designed to improve a solution's adhesion and evenness of dispersion.


Foliar Fertilizer

Quick Start 2-10-0 - Nitrogen Phosphate

A nitrogen and phosphorous based foliar fertilizer.

For use on all crops.

Mega Green 15-0-0-3Ca

Mega Green Foliar Fertilizer

Mega Green is a nitrogen and calcium based foliar fertilizer for spray dispersal on crops.


Infurow Pop-Up Fertilizer

Major Nutrients


Big K

0-0-25 +172 Potassium & Potash.

Big K is a liquid plant food designed for soil and foliar applications. It is compatible with most fertilizer solutions and pesticides.

Bollstar I

10% Boron

Bollstar I is a Boron supplement.


Calcium + Boron

Cal-B is a ethylene regulating spray that helps strengthen a plant's ability to withstand certain stresses of a growing environment.

Calcium 8%

Water soluble calcium nutrient

Calcium 8% is a supplement designed for foliar application.

Copper 5% Lignin

Copper Supplement

Copper 5% Lignin is a intended for use as a soil application for all crops that require copper.

Manganese 5% Lignin

Manganese Supplement

Manganese 5% Lignin is a micro nutrient for use in most liquid fertilizers and suspensions for crops that require manganese.

Zinc 10% Citrate

Zinc 10% Citrate is a micronutrient designed to aid crops with a zinc deficiency.


Other Adjuvants


Mixed from pine resin, this adjuvant enables a solution to stick to the leaves of crops more successfully.

Super Pick

Cotton Picker Spindle Cleaner

Super Pick is a spray concentrate designed to help reduce build up and cleans spindles.


Absorption Activator

Enhancer-CS is an AMS, defoamer, and drift agent used to improve the effectiveness of certain post-emergence herbicides.



Super Nova

Nova Surf is a 90/10 Surfactant. It is a water soluble surface-active agent designed for use in certain agricultural sprays, allowing them to spread more evenly for extended use.


Silicone Surfactant

Nova Surf

Non-Ionic 80/20 Surfactant.

A water soluble surface-active agent designed for use in certain agricultural sprays, allowing them to spread more evenly for extended use.